Dr. Jasser Auda

Author: د. جاسر عودة

Ibn Ataa: How Sincerity Revives Actions

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “Actions are like statues that only come to life with the spirit of sincerity”. Sincerity to Allah is more fundamental than relying on Allah, since it has to do with a deeper level of faith in Him, Most High. Yet, it was important to affirm our relying on Allah and hope in His Mercy, before discussing sincerity. This is because pure sincerity to Allah is so subtle and so hard to achieve without much hope in Allah’s Grace and strong reliance on Him. Sincerity to Allah...

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The Quran: The Mentor for Mankind

The Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) is one of those model mosques that truly apply the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) in men and women’s rows, without going to either extreme. I was happy to give the Khutba there last week (video link here) on the Quran as Allah’s guidance and protection from “idol worshipping” in all of its forms, and delivered a couple other lectures in the same mosque. I was happy to see “normal” dealing between our brothers and sisters there, which reminded me of the hadith of Asma’ Bint AbuBaker (may Allah be pleased with them...

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