Dr. Jasser Auda

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Publications: “Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship”, new book by Jasser Auda

In collaboration between Claritas Publishing House in the UK and Maqasid Institute comes Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship is a pioneering and timely contribution that deserves wide readership. Jasser Auda masterfully focalises the Quran and Sunnah in a work that integrates scholarship across time and disciplines to demonstrate the connectivity of human thought and action within a purposeful universe of infinite possibilities. Through a five-step holistic methodology, he urges scholars and practitioners in all fields of knowledge and endeavour to seek revelational guidance by performing continuous cycles of reflection on the revelation that reveal this connectivity. Here, the maqasid or objectives of revelational...

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Objectives of Hajj

At a large outdoor prayer service in Toronto, Dr. Jasser Auda reminded the gathering about the higher objectives of the Hajj. “The main objective of Hajj for the individual is to mark a new beginning with Allah, by renewing the covenant, repenting from mistakes and giving people back their rights, and by remembering the afterlife, when everybody will be standing on a plain ground, nothing differentiates them except their heedfulness (taqwa) and good deeds,” said Dr. Jasser Auda who delivered the ‘Eid sermon at Woodbine Park in Toronto. “As for the Ummah, Hajj confirms that Islam is much wider than the...

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