Principles of Sufi Ethics

Ethics is often spoken of in very legalistic terms. This public lecture and conversation offers a different perspective: spiritual ethics. Dr. Jasser Audua, author of Journey to God, which explores some of the Wisdoms of Ibn Ita'illah, will explore some of the principles and values from the Sufi tradition that can guide ethical living and decision-making for individuals and communities today.

Murray-Dodge Cafe | 6.30 pm

Seminar on Living Islamic Ethics

Ethics is often spoken of in theory. This short seminar with one of the world's leading experts on Islamic ethics will offer insights into the practical application of Islamic ethics and how its principles can shape the way we live and organize as a community in the world today.

Murray-Dodge Hall | 12 – 4 pm

Islamic Law in the Modern World: Between Revival & Reform

Is Islamic Law (Shari'ah) compatible with the modern world?
Can Islamic Law change from one period to another or is it fixed in time?
What are some of the debates shaping the future of Islamic Law?

Reflect on some of these questions and more with leading scholar of Islamic Ethics and Philosophy of Islamic Law — Dr. Jasser Auda.

Whig Hall| 6 pm