The Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) is one of those model mosques that truly apply the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) in men and women’s rows, without going to either extreme. I was happy to give the Khutba there last week (video link here) on the Quran as Allah’s guidance and protection from “idol worshipping” in all of its forms, and delivered a couple other lectures in the same mosque. I was happy to see “normal” dealing between our brothers and sisters there, which reminded me of the hadith of Asma’ Bint AbuBaker (may Allah be pleased with them both), when she narrated about the Prophet’s mosque: … So people made noise in a manner that prevented me from hearing the Messenger of Allah. When they calmed down, I asked a man sitting close to me: May Allah bless you, what did the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him say?, as narrated in the authentic collections. And Happy New Hijri Year 1438 in remembrance of the migration of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him.