I met this morning with a brilliant group of Muslim students from different South African universities. I learnt from them about the aims and nuances of the student movement that is taking place these days in South Africa. I gave them my opinion: 1. Muslim students have to participate in the South African and global student movements that are calling for justice and equity. 2. Muslim students have to give an example of balance; they are part of the justice movement but they also do not condone injustices and aggression against innocent people. 3. Muslim students should not expect the “Ulama” bodies to take a clear stand, for many reasons, and they should go ahead and form their own #Muslims_for_justicemovement. 4. There is a global movement towards justice, including #black_lives_matter, #occupy_wall_street, #Arab_spring, and others. However, the road ahead is not easy and they have to expect severe reactions from the money-power alliance. 5. The student movement should be inclusive of every race, class and religion, and should aim at continuing the unfinished work of the anti-apartheid movement.