Dr. Jasser Auda

Tag: Islamic Political Thought

What does it mean to be an Islamic movement today?

A series of 8 videos of a lecture in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, on Strategic Thoughts for Islamic Movements today. The lecture was titled: What does it mean to be an Islamic movement today? And the questions that were addressed in the Q and A sessions were: – Why is it strategically important to revise Usul Al-Fiqh? – Do you live in a “non-Muslim country” in Canada? – How to overcome resisting renewal by the Muslim public? – Why are other communities ahead of Canadian Muslims? – Can we dialogue or collaborate with seculars? – Is Islamic thought trying to appease our...

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Uniting the Ummah – Nigeria: Lagos State Hospital Central Mosque

Video of a Friday khutba and interviews with some of the attendees, men and women. Lagos Teaching Hospital Main Mosque. The topic was about the unity of the Ummah through unity around Islam’s principles. Divisions along so many lines is unfortunately taking place amongst Nigerian Muslims, especially the new generation, and it is a feature of the Muslim Ummah in...

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Jasser Auda | America and Religious Pluralism – Muslim Perspectives | 15th MAS ICNA Convention

The way to combat Islamophobia is for Muslims to go beyond their isolation within their communities and local issues, and contribute to the moral reform of society itself and the wider cause of social justice. In this video, Dr. Jasser Auda explains why it is important for Muslims to adjust their strategies and become part of social justice movements...

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