Italian translation of lectures under the title: Lectures on the Civil State – Post-Islamism and Post-Secularism. I believe that humanity, East and West, is in need of a new definition of the relationship between religion and the state. Both extremes of the spectrum of political ideas are not moving humanity towards a peaceful and civil existence. Islamism – like pre-renaissance and extremist Christian views – seek to control the state via a totalitarian ideology that does not give room for the civil society to grow in different ways and forms. Secularism, especially in its extreme forms, such as the French model, is putting the state in a position of control of religious expressions, even expressions that do contribute to public good and public morality. It is time for a post-Islamism/post-secularism approach in which the society develops a common ground of civil values and institutions that allow the civil movements to grow and be empowered to overcome tyranny in all of its current forms, east and west. Thanks to my sister Dr. Sabrina Lei and my brother Dr. Abdel Latif Chalikandi from Tawasul Centre for Research and Dialogue Italy, for the translation and publishing. Looking forward to visiting Rome soon to launch the book and talk about its ideas insha Allah.