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Land of Islam and Counter-terrorism

Centre for the Study of Islam – Carleton University – Lecture 3 – March 26 2016  دار الإسلام ومحاربة الإرهاب – المحاضرة الثالثة لمركز الدراسات الإسلامية بجامعة كارلتون بالعاصمة الكندية أوتاوا – ٢٦ مارس ٢٠١٦ The topic of maqasid al-Shariah and counter-terrorism was my lecture topic yesterday at Carleton University.Interesting discussion about “ghettoes in Canada”, the difference between Islamic values and Western values, the definition of “terrorism” (to include individuals as well as governments), and the role of Islamic education for spreading awareness of Islam in the west and for the formation of Western Muslim...

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Conference on Islamic civilization in Southern Africa

              Durban, South Africa: Spoke in a conference on Islamic civilization in Southern Africa, on the better position that Muslim minorities have more than Muslim majorities to re-envision the Islamic civilization. This is because Muslim minorities are more concerned with a bottom up approach (society first) to Islam rather than top down (government first), and they are more capable of founding institutes of Islamic studies and associations of Muslim scholars that are free and creative, especially in South Africa.  اليوم في مدينة ديرين بجنوب أفريقيا حيث ألقيت محاضرة في مؤتمر حول الحضارة الإسلامية في المناطق الجنوبية من أفريقيا، تحدثت فيها عن قدرة الأقليات المسلمة على تصور مشروع جديد للحضارة الإسلامية في هذا العصر أكثر من الأغلبيات المسلمة، وذلك نظرا لأن الأقليات تهتم بالشأن الإسلامي المجتمعي دون تركيز على قضايا الحكم والحكومة “الإسلامية” وهم كذلك يتمتعون باستقلال المؤسسات التعليمية والعلمائية الإسلامية خاصة في جنوب أفريقيا بعيداً عن هيمنة الحكومات المستبدة في بلاد الأغلبيات خاصة في العالم...

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COP21 is not going to work!

COP21 is not going to work! Jasser Auda News of the COP21 deal and jubilant celebrations that politicians showed the world gave a false sense of achievement to millions of people around the world. I believe that it is an ethical responsibility to express the truth, regardless of how strange it might sound in the middle of the celebrations and propaganda. And the truth is: there will be no reverse of the disastrous path that we took the earth towards unless, in my opinion, we change the way we do these things: politics, business and media. National and international politics in the current political system of nation states, and the way United Nations is structured and functioning, do not allow any real progress on the climate front. Governments are either dictatorships or elected democratically. Dictatorships do not care about the human nor the environment, to cut a long story short. Democratically elected governments, on the other hand, are there to represent at best the interests of their nation states and at worst the interests of pressure groups within these states. However, it is a fact that government policies and decisions that would preserve the environment for humanity go against both interests, at least on the short run. National interests are firmly defined in terms of the economics of "growth", which by definition requires a negative impact on the environment....

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