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?About the new laws proposed in Tunisia in order to enforce the equating of the shares of males and females

Translated from the original Arabic by: Idris Mukhtar Some brothers and sisters asked me about the new laws proposed in Tunisia in order to enforce the equating of the shares of males and females, i.e. brothers and sisters, and fathers and mothers in their portions of inheritance. This what some “rulers” have suggested there in the name of ‘intent of Islamic law’.  Answer: “Equality” is not one of the intents of Islamic law when it comes to inheritance. In this area, Islamic law intends to achieve justice and fairness. Surely, all human beings were created equally from a single...

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Women Area in Mosque: Children Rows and Mosque’s Doors(5-5)

In this part, Dr. Jasser Auda concludes the series with discussion of where children should line within a mosque and whether women are solely responsible for them during prayer. Also, whether mosque’s gates should be open for both men and women or dedicated for each gender is also elaborated on in this article. Part1  part2  Part3   Part4 Children’s status and place in mosque As for children, the observed practice during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was that the older among them would form separate rows. Sometimes the imam was a child like...

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Should Children Fast the Long Days of Ramadan in Europe?

Summary This article surveys the different opinions regarding the maximum length of fasting for Muslims living in northern regions of the globe. My main concern is to ease the hardship that a sizeable population of Muslims may experience this year and in coming years as a result of fasting an exceptional number of hours. The point is to facilitate fasting during Ramadan and not to avoid fasting or to postpone it for another time or place. Many scholars have tried to answer the question of how long a Muslim should fast in the summer of the northern regions of...

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